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Free Test and Assessment

It's all about relationships

Our way of doing business here at IDSI centers around personal relationships with our clients.

Step One: Free Test & Assessment

Before we start on your project or even give you a quote or a schedule, we ask you to provide us with a sample of the data you need processed so that we can do a test run. We provide this service completely free of charge to you.

This step is necessary for several reasons:

  • It reduces risk - for us and you
  • It helps us predict how long the project will take
  • It gives us a realistic idea of what will be involved
  • It allows us to provide a realistic schedule
  • It allows us to provide a accurate quote that we can — and WILL — stand behind

Step Two: Firm Quote & Schedule

After we do a test run of your data and assess what it will take to provide you with the solutions you need, we can provide you with a firm quote and a realistic schedule. And unless the scope of your project changes drastically, we'll bend over backwards to stand behind the quote and schedule we give you.

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